Hi, I’m Brandy

The Full Package – Hair, Make Up and Photography

Born and raised in Invermere BC the love for beauty was instilled into my soul even as a young child. Taking the scissors to my siblings hair as a small child, Even cutting one baby’s hair so his hair was out of his eyes I was maybe 10 or 11 ( remember Stacey).

I even gave my brother his first undercut and when the hairdresser said I actually did a good job. Right there an then I knew I wanted to be a hairdresser. I was 12yrs old. Thank you Don from The Hair Hut.

Growing up and moving forward in life I can see the direction where I want my life to be. And that is to provide a laidback yet professional services for my clients. I’m an easy going and LOVE what I am doing.


I provide care to those who needed it most. From a simple haircut because your unable to leave your house easily to providing comfort for a loved one who needs more help than their willing to admit. I graduated from my RCA course in 2008 and I’m registered BC Nurse association Criminal Record check up to date.

In 2010 I Graduated from John Casablanca Institute for Makeup Artistry.

I now have another creative outlet. I fell truly in love with makeup while living in Surrey seeing all these beautiful woman around me and I wanted to know how to do everything and it is another trade to work at. Since then I moved back to Invermere in 2011 where I have resided ever since.

After some fun with my gf and doing my very first true photo shoot using my dads fairly ok camera at the time. The feed back was amazing and the pictures were amazing especially with no training, that truly inspired me to be a better photographer. After buying a professional camera 3 yrs later I have only gotten better. With being self taught I don’t call myself a professional photographer but I feel I’m starting to move up from being novice. This gives others to decide what they want. I’m good really got a good eye but with photography you never stop learning. And I haven’t started working with photoshop. aside from this I am also a mother of 4 amazing children. A pet owner.

And after reading this little blurb about myself you can see that all my careers are about helping other people feel better about themselves. I’m a giver and a lover, It fills my heart when I can bring happiness and joy to others.

This includes providing service in the comfort of your own home.

I bring the equipment and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

I abide to all the covid safety rules

You are worth it!

Whether you need help at home or a little pampering I am your person.
Have questions? Feel free to reach out!